Tea shops at that time

Our University Life Mandalay had unforgettable tea shops. At that time, modern music called stereo was gaining popularity. Not everyone has access to audio equipment, so there were memorabilia teahouses with big ‘branches’ machines. There were similar cold stores.

But for me, the most memorable teahouses are the new music machines
Not because it is open. Not because the shop is well decorated. Not just for tea and snacks. At that time, I also had to say ‘crazy’, which means ‘memorable places in literature’.

From 1975 to 79, Mandalay University has other tea shops, Students used to hang out at restaurants because of the crowds at the restaurants, but a group of our friends stayed for four years at Cho Gyi Cafe, behind the commercial building behind the main building.

This is because Dr. Than Tun, a professor of history, and teachers from the department often sit in the shop for long periods of time drinking tea. The shop is usually empty, so the voices of the teachers can be heard
Heard about the fossils of the Southern Stone Age.
When Saya Bhan Maung Tin Aung wrote the history of colonial Myanmar, he hoped that it would be written from a communist point of view. When I say ‘Dagon Tara’, the first thing that comes to my mind is the words, ‘The cold wind is still blowing.’
The subjects taught me Math 202, 203 It has made it more attractive than 204.

So as soon as I got to school in the morning, I had to take a class and run to Cho Gyi Cafe. When Dr. Than Tun and his group returned, they played the cassette tape of Sai Htee Saing, which was very popular at that time.

Then a memorable tea shop was located at 26 B Street. Top of the ship Coconut
Under the big tree is a ‘good cafe’. In this shop, writers, Not because literary scholars meet. Every evening I was introduced to literature. Until the store closed, I talked to my cousins ​​who encouraged and consulted me. Because they talk about feet.

On the in addition to side, it wipes out unfortunate sweet food varieties from one’s eating routine.. The Hanthawaddy newspaper, which I still own, has more Sunday sheets and more. About Saturday Literature Circles Then there is Win Swe’s ‘Ye San Road’. Kyaw Aung’s ‘Under the Union Flag’ Moe Wai Literature Magazine contains Banna Thiha’s ‘Literary Survey’. Then he said, ‘This is a new high water. “Fire Land” and “Nguyen Van Troi”. That’s why I remember ‘Good Cafe’.

When I was a kid, I used to jump on my uncle’s bicycle bar in the early morning; There is also a tea shop where you can always jump on the carrier. Bogyoke Aung San Road, Yone Taw Gyi (Corner of 84th and 29th Streets) is Thaing Sein Cafe. Tai Sein’s then-Hanthawaddy newspaper, which was published at the time, was easily slashed. This is a shop where cartoonists come to the newspaper in the morning and meet cartoonists. In Tai Sein, their voices are not heard because they are always crowded. However, the popular cartoonists of the time were drawn with cartoon scrolls in their hands. Remember the cartoon ‘Kabar Thi Aye Swe’ used to draw his cartoons on 15 “x 20” drawing paper. At that time, ‘Tai Sein’ Cafe was also in the literary circle of Hanthawaddy Newspaper
It was one of the most memorable shops in the area.

Another unforgettable tea shop is the famous U Ba Kyaw Shop. What made him famous was the poet and poetess who was on the page at the time. The writers gathered at the shop. It is also not far from the Pandya Temple in front of the palace. Sculptors also come. Teacher Nay Min Paing Soe (now Pai Soe Wai) Teachers are also present in the shop. Director’s Bride There are also music thorns. It will also be Buminathan, the birthplace of the ‘Hinthar Palace’.

In front of the palace, U Ba Kyaw Saing is on the side of the road that leads to the fire station of the market in front of the palace. The only difference between the road and the wooden courtyard wall. Ordinary wood in the tea shop
There are tables and chairs with wooden backs, as well as benches called the Lion Temple. You can also chat in the open-air stalls adjacent to the cafeteria over a cup of tea. For me, who lives in the western part of the country, it takes a lot of effort to get to the U Ba Kyaw tea shop in front of the palace once a week. So I went to U Ba Kyaw Shop. But when it comes to Mandalay literature, U Ba Kyaw Saing was not included.

There was a tea shop in the middle of the city, but it was less accessible due to the distance. The shop is on 30th Street
And ‘Win Thida’ Tea Shop at the corner of 74th Street. The shop is located in front of Mandalay Medical University, also known as ‘Medical School’ in Mandalay.

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