How happy I was?

Because I was born and raised in the western part of Mandalay, I was familiar with the river port in the western part of the city from an early age.

When we were young, our parents, who were hawkers, would take a break from the market on the Sabbath and go to the river port to wash their clothes for a week. They only go to the river port to wash blankets and mosquito nets. In fact, the house and the river port are not as close as you might think. Mandalay is about 20 miles away. But in those days it was not so difficult to find one and a half stomachs, so there was plenty of extra time, and going to the river port was more fun and loving than washing clothes.
It is now considered that he is going with a stronger attitude.

Mom piled all the old clothes in a blanket and carried a large bundle of cloth tied around the four corners of the blanket. Not so big on the waist
I still have a bag of clothes in my hand. Soap bars Soap bars
Carry At that time, there was no such thing as pre-packaged soap. Soap from the countryside is often sold in baskets.

Soap lands are found in rural areas around the mid-tropics. Soap tends to open due to salinity in the soil.
These soils are brought in and used as a bar of soap and for other washing purposes.
In the case of pots, you can use the same soap and scrub. If you want to do laundry, you can soak the soap in water and wash it with water. Some houses are:
Even in a jug, the raw soap is soaked in water and the soapy water is then boiled.

May i say- it was a scary place. Now there are different brands and different types of shampoos. One with a bottle; It is easy to buy and use with various effects. In the old days, I used to wash my hair. Ready to sell with lemons. Locally it is called shampoo.

In addition to shampoo, she also sells glassware and feminine products. It is tied. Submit I have a sword. It has a set of stars. Hair clip I have a bottle of lipstick. Contains local Thanakha cans. It is bitter. Includes plastic earphones. It contains propolis. Pants are strapped. When shampoo comes, not only do they buy a cup of shampoo and shampoo, but women also look at the accessories in the shopkeeper’s glass case. Tired Buy and share We, the children, did not know anything. When the unsuspecting salesman approached, the sisters asked, “What has this got to do with you?” This is a girl’s accessory. “Go, go,” he shouted.

I’m talking about my memories of soap. Now there is no shampoo. The shampoo box has become an antique item. I do not know if there is even a barbecue shampoo left in the countryside now.

Early in the morning, the group went to the river port to do laundry. There are even rice paddies. From where we crossed the Western Eagle. Cross Kyauk Sit Tan Road Through the southern monasteries, cross the palm groves and pass through the Chan Thar Yar Bridge
Washing clothes at Htin Win Port.

When I reached Htan Myint, I gazed intently at a one-story building in a large courtyard to the south of the alley. The front of the building is boldly inscribed in gold letters with the words Shwe Mann Tin Maung. It is the property of the famous actor Shwe Mann Tin Maung. Sometimes there was a music box inside the building. You can hear the sounds of the drama.

After crossing the tall trees and reaching the rich bridge, I was amazed at the strength of the wooden bridge over the Thangaza creek, which was covered with palm trees. The wood of the bridge deck is spaced in some places. Divided Every time I crossed the bridge, my mother’s hand was broken
I remember holding on tight. There is a large sawmill on the shores of Htin Win River. Between the sawmill and the wall
The creek is connected to a tall wooden bridge. The railway from the embankment crossed the bridge and into the sawmill. Under the bridge, in the stream that connects to the river, small boats, It is parked like a small motor vehicle. Inside the sawmill, steam-powered chainsaws made a lot of noise.

Each time I cut between the big logs and the huge saw teeth, the sound of the machine roared like a small noise. Occasionally there are trailers and a train loaded with logs at Htin Win Port. Not only bulldozers but also oil tankers are often included. The locomotive was also a large steam-powered locomotive. As I passed by the train, I kept my ears closed as I approached the locomotive. This is because it can be life threatening if you accidentally lay an egg.

I did not want to miss out on the river wash with my mother, not because I wanted to swim. Not because I want to swim. Sawmills; Wooden buffaloes; I just want to see wooden trains. Finding a place at the river port, I sat quietly beside a stump while my mother was dressing with her songs, and I watched the train on the ramp. He looked at the boats in the river and was overjoyed.

In fact, I have come to realize with tears in my eyes that happiness is not due to material things, but to the purity of the mind.

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