The villager Sein Veda and his princesses

In the past, there were very few peaceful combinations.There are also people who really know the performing arts. The most famous is the Yep Win Pagoda Festival.

Diamond Veda Festival with famous actresses. Okkala Aye Kyi; Before the uprising Thousands of people. The comedian is U Thinkha. U Dat Khoe; Potatoes The diamond. The court did not dare to come close to this coalition. You do not have to hit the hook. Do you have to make people laugh with bribes face to face? Only with full education…. In this combination, the future actress has to sing to Sein Veda Gyi. Then U Beda Gyi will send you with the kind of joints that you can win.

After “bowing down” to U Beda, the customer will hear something about the elders. If not, There was a contemporary actress in Rangoon when Awbar Thaung was in a good era. He is also a real date in Rangoon. One year later, the princess was hired to perform at a dance party in a large part of downtown Mandalay. Mandalay is also interested in “Yangon Princess”. As a top actress, she is also watched by scholars. She is not only more educated than the Mandalay actresses, but also has a fashion name. So education has nothing to speak about. Not to mention the layout. The audience is also expecting something, as the speech is famous for its sharpness and freshness.

When it comes to dancing, the princesses draw lots from front to back. The guest princess had her last turn. The princesses of Mandalay, in the name of Sein Veda, bowed to the village chief and went to work neatly and neatly. But it was the turn of the guest princess, who did not know whether to bow down or say goodbye because she was so proud of the wisdom and prestige of the village chief. Even in front of the circle, I could not look at the villager.

The audience is familiar with the villagers and the rioters, so they realized that it was a good show. After a while, U Veda calmed down. Unexpectedly, I put the bow in the breeze. What can Gone Nyin say after sitting in the back of the bow and arrow? They came out in the form of two tigers. Two tigers shot each other with a bow. Copy from side to side. I spit on both of them.
Kill and tap…. The guest princess is already crazy. The village headman shouted and started beating Vine. The two tigers rejoiced at the sound of the bell. The two of them waved at the princess. Smell it Explore…. Pretend to look at the princess with her hands and shoulders. Swipe around and walk away. Come back and smell it. We are watching and doing. The princess did not dare to sit down. You don’t have to run down. The two tigers, who did not want to be calmed down, also played with the vulture and the forest.

Miss… Only then could the frightened princess sigh. The audience liked it so much. Clap your hands and shout. Don’t shout
Because of the confusion. The princess’s butterflies were trembling and she could even sing.

I can not say anymore.

So the princess bowed to the village chief and said that he was not yet educated. The village chief begged for mercy. The villager smiled and said, “Daughter, do not be afraid of anything. Be brave.” The audience also liked the delivery of the shop. Because they liked it.

Later, the actress also played a song with the village chief at a Mandalay festival. U Dat Khoe; Ko Paw Sein and Mandalay fans
I was able to go to work.

During the riots, the village chiefs gave the princesses their favorite music and songs. Send it with doc’s. The audience knows that it can bring color, so it will not be missed if it is a peaceful combination…

If it’s not my turn, the next ones will hang out with the village chief. They provoked me with their tongues. The village headman was playing with great enthusiasm. Okkala Aye Kyi knows how to dance hard. The plant can withstand. So, the village chief played a song after playing it proudly. Okkala Aye Kyi is an actress who dances with her audience even behind the scenes. Princess Thabei at that time When the princess wore a thabi, she put her right foot on the back of her leg. The left leg is bent and the left leg is attached to the ankle joint. It’s unique to have a cigarette in the corner of your hand. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Okkala Aye Kyi is such a princess….

Before Ywaty Mya Thaung, it was the smoothest. The most beautiful princess, the big white girl. The song is so cute because the sound is so catchy.
Awbar Thaung is like in the popular blue blues song written by Saya Tha (black, dark blue, dark blue). Are you with that kind of image in this coalition? I’m able to compete shoulder to shoulder because of his dance.

At the Mandalay pagoda festivals, everyone who has ever seen the villager Sein Veda and the unrest could not stop talking.

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