What do you need to do before and after the walk?

If it’s winter, it’s already normal for them to walk for health reasons. The author himself is walking these days. Since it is a sedentary job, there is very little physical activity. Doctors are at the top among those who only inform others about their health and take less action themselves. Later, when we walk, we don’t go to the moat, so we only walk in the Manaw Ram Garden near the house. When walking, there are people who walk in clothes and ordinary religious people. Certain individuals walk gradually and certain individuals walk quick.. People who want to walk fast are usually impulsive people. Specific studies
I can’t say how many have been made, but judging by those who have seen it, this is generally true. Yes, they are walking. What are the benefits of walking? To what extent can benefits be obtained for health?

Hippocrates, who is regarded as the father of Western medicine, said, “Walking is the best medicine for a person.” When Hippocrates said this about two and a half hundred years ago, some modern scholars in the twenty-first century doubt whether it is true. Isn’t walking the easiest thing that anyone with legs can do?

Just doing such an easy thing can be true in this age of modern drugs? Is it the easiest and cheapest thing to do better than the latest drugs that are good and expensive? Some experts who want to be practical have done tests to prove this. They found that people who walk at least half an hour a day (or 12 miles a week) are in good health. After conducting various experiments, we observed the following.

– Lowers blood cholesterol.

– Lowers blood pressure.
– Significantly reduces the rate of heart disease.
– Reduces diabetes and makes it easier to manage diabetes.
– It is said that it can improve memory and protect the elderly from Alzheimer’s disease.
– Increases bone density and protects postmenopausal women from osteoporosis.
– If you consider diet as weight maintenance, it will reduce weight.
– Endorphins, a type of hormone released when you exercise, make you feel good.
– Makes you sleep and makes you full of immunity.
– It is said that it can prevent ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

When we look at these facts, what we find is that when we use drugs, we use one or two drugs for each disease. In addition to the cost, there are side effects. However, just walking for a short period of time is not as effective as walking, which can significantly decrease the rate of disease and provide protection. Therefore, it can be said that walking is the best medicine.

How much should a person walk a day?

On average, it takes at least half an hour to walk. If you can’t walk for half an hour in one sitting, you should do it three times a day, divided into ten minutes. People who walk two or three miles every day are in excellent health. They should walk at least three times a week. An American study said that a person should walk at least 10,000 steps a day. Those who walk at a speed of more than three miles per hour are defined as fast walkers.

What is proper walking style?

Everyone walks, but it should be the right way to walk. When you walk, your posture is the most important thing. If you have the right posture, you will rarely have knee pain, back pain, There is no such thing as leg pain. If you consider how a person walks, he takes the first step. The heel of the first step touches the ground first. Then the feet, I had to touch my toes in order. When the tip of the front foot touches the ground, the back foot constantly tries to reach forward. One thing that is different from running is that when walking, one foot is constantly touching the ground. In addition to the body, the feet and hands also work in harmony. Experts say that when walking, you should walk in a pattern.

– Keep your head upright and your eyes should only look at the front row.
-You should not sway left or right while walking.
– You need to stroll with your back straight..
– Arms must be balanced.
-When swinging, the left and right arms should be at 90 degrees.
– You should swing your arms close to your body. Try not to swing your arms across your body.
– Do not clench your fists.
– When walking, you should keep your stomach flat. You don’t need to hold your breath.
– You must walk on your ankles. You should not raise your knees too much.
– Mainly when walking, only the ankle has to work.
– You should avoid keeping your mind tight.
– You should spend five minutes longer than you can spend on your own.

What do you need to do before and after the walk?

1. First, you should start walking slowly for about 5 minutes.
2. If the blood warms up a little, you should start doing muscle relaxation exercises. Leg, thigh, knee, calf muscles, as well as other muscles, should be relaxed. Muscle relaxation exercises are the stretching of muscle fibers.
3. You can walk as soon as the muscle relaxes.
4. Similarly, every time you are about to finish walking, you should walk slowly for about 5 minutes, and then stop after warming up.

What are the do’s and don’ts when walking?

– You should only wear soft clothes suitable for the weather.
– You shouldn’t wear tight garments.
– If you are walking early in the morning, you should wear bright, visible colors to make it safer to walk on the side of the road.
– You should only wear suitable shoes. You should not wear high-heeled shoes or hard shoes.
– You shouldn’t wear valuable adornments
– You should not do intense exercises while sitting.
– Slow and regular exercise is better for the long term.
– Elderly people should carry a walker or walking stick.
-If you walk with friends, friends, and companions, it makes you more light and agile.
– The main thing is not to let your mind wander and focus on walking.

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