Animals at a Japanese aquarium refused to eat a type of fish they didn’t like

At Japan’s Hokone-en aquarium, a museum worker waved a mackerel at a penguin, but the penguin showed no sign of wanting to eat it. He put the fish in his beak and turned away without eating. An otter smelled the fish and left without eating it.

The penguins and seals don’t eat the fish fed by the aquarium staff because it’s not the type of fish they’re used to. Inflation and rising prices have led to changes in the diet of aquarium animals. Animals are not happy to eat cheap food and refuse to eat it.

Previously, the aquarium fed the penguins and seals a type of Japanese horse mackerel called “Aji” in Japanese. But sharks, The aquarium, which houses 32,000 animals, including sea otters, has not been immune to the economic downturn that has affected many of the world’s economies. The price of the argyle has increased by 20 to 30 percent over the previous year, the aquarium said.

So, in order to reduce costs, we switched to mackerel, which is cheaper than argyle, in May. The animals refused to eat the fish, so the aquarium staff had to improvise. When you feed them mixed with their favorite aji, they want to eat mackerel.

The aquarium is keeping costs down as much as possible. In order to reduce the electricity bill by 40% to 50%, we reduced the number of pumps from (2) to (1).

Museum employee Hiroki Shimamoto said that although this problem can be solved by raising the aquarium entrance fee, we will try our best to make it a comfortable place for visitors to visit, and there are no plans to raise the entrance fee.

An aquarium never forces any animal to eat anything they don’t want to eat. We also try our best to get the type of fish that the animals like to eat and to meet their needs.

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