The girl in the world-famous photo who became a peace ambassador

Fifty years later, the girl running naked in the world-famous photo taken during the Vietnam War is now UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador for Peace. He is 59-year-old Kim Phuc Phan Thi. He is a hospital for war-affected children, schools, Orphaned gays, I run the Kim Foundation International, which helps build libraries. More recently, he helped Ukrainian refugees settle in Canada.

Kim spent years recovering from burns he suffered during the Vietnam War. I have recently been treated for another burn. His experiences during the Vietnam War have inspired the lives of others.

On June 8, 1972, Kim was playing with his 3-year-old cousin Danh in the courtyard of Cao Dai Monastery in the small village of Trang Bang when South Vietnamese soldiers came and shouted at the children to run. At that time, Kim was only 9 years old.

Kim saw an airplane coming towards him. The sound of the plane is very loud and very fast. I turned my head and looked up to see 4 bombs. They heard a noise and suddenly there were flames all around them. Fires also fell from the sky and hit Kim.

The fire burned his clothes, his neck, His back and left arm were burned. When he tried to throw away the fire with his hand, his right hand was also burnt. At that time, Kim was very scared.

A Vietnamese photographer named Nick Ut saw Kim and his cousins ​​running and took pictures. Kim was shouting, “It’s so hot…so hot.” The soldiers gave him water to drink and poured the water over his burns. The burns worsened when he touched the water, and Kim fell into a coma.

Meanwhile, photographer Nick put down his camera and carried Kim to Barsky Hospital in Saigon. 65 percent of Kim’s body was severely burned, and his nerves were severely damaged. He spent 14 months in a hospital and underwent 17 surgeries.

The photo Nick took showed that bombing civilian villages and harming children was part of the war. Nick won a Pulitzer Prize for this photo. It also changed Kim’s life path.

At first, Kim was embarrassed because he was naked in the photo. Kim saw the photo and wondered why he didn’t protect her. Why did the photographer take that picture? He is naked in the photo. Why are his brothers and cousins ​​wearing clothes?

In 1982, he went to Germany for treatment. While in the hospital, Kim decided to become a doctor. In childhood, nightmares, pain, I went to medical school at the age of 19 after suffering from burns. However, the Vietnamese government forced me to take part in time-consuming propaganda films, so I had to drop out of school. Filled with anger and hatred, he was hurt and even thought of killing himself.

After that, I spent time studying religious books in the library. He found The New Testament Bible and became a Christian. She also went to Cuba to learn Spanish in 1986, where she met her husband. They got married in 1992. After honeymooning in Russia with her husband, she requested political asylum in Canada.

Kim’s health problems continued. It was difficult to move my neck and left arm. He received the treatment of surgeons. The surgery was successful, but the pain remained. I had to take painkillers until I found other ways to relieve the pain.

I felt a sharp pain like being cut by a knife. When Kim started giving lectures, someone who came to the lecture told her about Dr. Jill Weibel, a dermatologist in Florida. Dr. Weibel often treats burn victims. Kim contacted Dr. Weibel to see if he could help ease her pain.

Now, Dr. Weibel has performed (12) Lumenis UltraPulse laser treatments for Kim. Dr. Weibel treated Kim free of charge. At the end of last month, Kim underwent her 12th and final laser treatment.

Kim has two sons, an adopted daughter; There are also 5 grandchildren. Currently, he is in Canada. I live in Ontario.

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