Can drinking too much water be good for the body?

It is said that a person should drink (8) to (12) cups of water a day. There is no formula to determine how much water a person should drink. The amount of water consumed will vary from person to person. But you should definitely drink (8) to (12) cups of water a day. I have often heard the words about being dehydrated. I don’t think everyone knows about overhydration. Prachi Shach, a clinical nutritionist, shares about overhydration.

We must first talk about how important water is to the body.

– Water regulates body temperature
– Eliminates impurities through urine and sweat
– Water helps nutrient absorption
– Helps digestion and prevents constipation
– Improves mood and skin health
– Balances electrolytes in the body

Each cell within the body needs water to work. But what happens when there is too much water in the body?

Drinking an excessive amount of water can cause water harming. It occurs when salt and other electrolytes are too diluted. Drinking too much water can cause cell proliferation and interfere with brain function. Confusion headache You may experience symptoms such as dizziness. Sodium in the body magnesium, It can affect electrolytes like potassium. In severe cases, it can lead to unconsciousness and coma. Because the fluid inside and outside the cell is out of balance. Cramps are also common in conditions of overhydration, says Prachi.

Did you know that drinking too much water can make you feel tired just like not drinking enough water?

The kidneys have to work harder to remove excess water, which can lead to fatigue. In a world where everyone depends on multivitamins, drinking too much water can eliminate some water-soluble vitamins and minerals. The cause of dehydration is simple. Drinking too much water than the body can accept. Kidney disease, liver disease Certain health conditions, such as heart disease, can also cause dehydration.

How to treat dehydration?

Find the root cause of dehydration. If it is due to the medicine you are taking, see a doctor. To eliminate the imbalances that cause overhydration, you can choose foods rich in potassium and other electrolytes with the help of a nutritionist.

The amount of water consumed depends on age, sex body weight physical activity It depends on factors such as weather and medical conditions. Our body consists of 60 percent water, and the body signals when it needs hydration. Drinking 8 to 12 cups of water a day is normal.

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