Is drinking water during meals good for health?

The things we do in a day are different from each other. There are people who eat healthily and there are people whose daily habits can affect their health. One habit that can help us to solve various problems is staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day.

Some people also drink water during meals. Some drink a glass of water immediately after eating. But I think almost everyone is confused about how to do it best. What we have heard is that we must not drink water while eating. (2) that you should not drink water immediately after eating.

Medical experts in India say that drinking water before meals can cause weakness and emaciation. Some people like to drink a glass of water before eating. So when we eat, we will consume a small amount of calories. But experts advocate that drinking water before meals can make you feel weak and emaciated.

It is said that drinking water after a meal can make you overweight. Most of us drink a glass of water immediately after a meal. This makes us feel like we’re done eating. However, doing so can prompt heftiness.

Drinking water while eating is great. According to experts, it is best to drink it in one sip while eating. Doing this helps digest food and supports the digestive system, he said.

It is recommended to drink hot water during meals to improve metabolism and digestion. Chin (ginger) powder in drinking water during meals, You can add fennel and drink.

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