A butcher who used to feed delicious meat to the street animals that came in front of his shop

There is a man who doesn’t say anything negative about the amount of meat he possesses to take care of to all the road creatures that come to his butcher shop. He is a 51-year-old Turkish national named Ekram Khomeza. His indiscriminate love for dogs and cats has caught the attention of social media users. He often came to his shop with street dogs, She often shares videos of the kittens on her social media accounts like Instagram.

Ekram’s love for street animals runs deep. who came to his shop He even named his shop after the first street animal he fed. That animal is a laughing cat. His meat shop is called Yesim Meat Gallery. It was Laughing who inspired him to take up the habit of feeding meat to the street animals that came in front of his shop.

Ekram was feeding Rasim with meat. When Rissam gave birth to a kitten, they went to his butcher’s shop together. Laughing, he looked at the meat on the counter with his legs up. Then ask for meat. (5) times a day (6) I usually ask for food. He is spleen, heart I wanted to eat the kidneys the most. I liked the beef.

Even after Rasim fell ill and died, his child continued to come to Ekram’s butcher shop. Soon, other street cats started coming to Ekram’s Yesim Meat Gallery to eat delicious meat. Cats aren’t the only street animals that have won Ekram’s love. Ekram also treats street dogs that pass in front of his shop as meat. Spleen heart Kidneys and bones were fed. From 8 to 10 dogs a day to his shop. cats (7) About 8 people came.

After Ikram posted videos of the animals visiting his shop, social media users took notice of him. Ekram now has more than 65,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 530,000 followers on TikTok.

Ekram said he has also received criticism from some who don’t think street animals should be taken care of. But he firmly believes in his mission to feed the street animals and sticks to his motto that love will win. Now his colleagues, Even family members and customers have taken an interest in feeding the street animals that come to the butcher shop.

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