Khaby Lame who wants to enter the acting world and act with his idol “Will Smith”

Khaby Lame , who went from being a factory worker to becoming the most followed TikToker, wants to enter the world of acting. His goal now is to become a household name in the film industry and one day star alongside Will Smith.

Khaby recently gave an interview to TMZ Entertainment along with his manager. When Khaby was asked who his favorite idol was, he said “Will Smith”. After that, his manager told him that Khabi wanted to be an actor.

“Khaby wanted to be an actor. After watching Will Smith’s TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he wanted to do what Smith did. That’s why Will Smith has always been his idol and he wanted to be like him.”

Do you want to act in a TV show? When asked if he wanted to act in a movie, his manager said, “Khabi’s goal is to be in a movie and hope to one day act with Will Smith.”

In an interview, Khaby Lame shared something he wanted to say to Will Smith. Khabi turned to the camera and said, “Hey…Will..Wait for me. I’m coming to make a movie with you.”

Khaby, who is the number 1 TikToker with 145.4 million followers, also talked about this Emilio in the second place in the interview. He said he met Emilio in February last year and liked his videos. It is also reported that Khaby and D’Emilio are planning to meet soon in LA.

Before becoming a TikToker, Khaby Lame , who was born in Senegal and moved to Italy, was unemployed in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic while working as a factory worker. After that, he used the TikTok application to create humorous videos of himself without his voice, gestures and laughter.

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