Signs that you are experiencing anxiety

Anxiety is being worried about someone or something. It’s what people face when they’re threatened. It is also what the mind and body react to when going through difficult times and stress. When a person has anxiety attacks that are triggered by stressful situations, they often feel as if something has changed in their body. In some situations, it may be difficult to identify the nature of anxiety. So, here are some common symptoms to know if you are already suffering from anxiety.

Influenced by emotions

People who suffer from anxiety are always overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety. Constantly worrying about something confuses a person’s mind. Feeling out of control over something is what you experience when you have anxiety.

Heart palpitations

A very fast heart rate is a common symptom of anxiety disorders. As the heart beats, It can make you feel like your heart has stopped beating.

Difficulty breathing

Shortness of breath Shortness of breath is a very frightening and common symptom of anxiety disorders. During anxiety, the body reacts in various ways. From feeling like you can’t breathe to feeling suffocated, anxiety can make it difficult for you to breathe.

Lack of concentration

When you have anxiety, you often become unable to stay calm. Having no control over anything and becoming unable to focus. If you are experiencing confusion along with other symptoms of anxiety, you may have anxiety disorder.

Return of sweat or chills

If you’re in a state of anxiety, you may spontaneously start sweating (or chills).

Chest pain

Chest pain caused by anxiety is different from regular chest pain and heartburn. Because of anxiety, the chest feels tight and prickly.

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