A man who was able to face a crocodile that came in front of his house

A Texas middle schooler’s first day of school was greeted by something that startled him at the front door. When he opened the front door, he saw a crocodile. He ran back into the house and told his father, who didn’t believe him. His father also began to believe in the crocodile when he saw it himself.

As luck would have it, he is also a former martial artist. He also watched Steve Irwin’s TV series known as “Crocodile Hunter” for nine years. That’s why he was ready to face the crocodile.

He is Mike Trench, owner of Mike’s Seafood Restaurant. At first, he didn’t do anything to the crocodile, just threw a towel over it and covered it. After that, he took his children to the car and sent them to school. When he returned from school, the crocodile was still in front of his house.

Mike had not yet confronted the alligator himself and called the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. The police department directed the Missouri City Police Department. The Missouri City Police Department also contacted the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Unfortunately, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department was not open that day.

After waiting for about 1 hour, Mike decided to deal with the crocodile himself. Mike closed the alligator’s mouth with a long-handled hammer and climbed onto its back. Then she asked her preschool daughter for duct tape and taped the crocodile’s mouth shut. After the mouth was taped, the legs were also taped.

His experience as a martial artist helped him know how to hold the crocodile down. Then the organizations he contacted didn’t get back to me, so he called a private forest conservator in the region. But since he will come with someone who will take the crocodile, the fee is 300 dollars. He didn’t want to pay that amount, so he and his friend put the crocodile in the back of a truck and drove it to a nearby lake.

When we got to the lake, after filling the crocodile with tape, the crocodile slipped from the back of the truck and fell into the water. When the crocodile fell into the pond, Mike began to calm down. “I’ve never faced an alligator like that. I’ve only seen alligators in the water. I’ve never had one crawl up to people’s front doors,” Mike said.

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