Health conditions that make you feel thirsty from time to time

It’s not normal if you’re thirsty every now and then, not in the hot summer. The scorching sun outside also causes us to sweat and constantly lose water. In that case, you may be more thirsty than usual and drink water. Spicy Fatty foods also make you more thirsty than usual. If you are thirsty all the time, not because of these conditions, it could be a symptom of other health conditions. What kind of health conditions


When your body’s cells become insulin resistant, your kidneys work harder to remove sugar from your blood. This causes your body to urinate more frequently in order to eliminate it from the urine. As a result, I want to drink more water than usual. Frequent urination and frequent thirst are the precursors of diabetes (2).


Paleness is a condition where your body needs more red platelets to make hemoglobin. Weak diet, It may be due to reasons such as excessive bleeding. Dehydration is also the most common symptom of anemia. If you are more thirsty than usual, it may be due to anemia. When the anemia is severe, the symptoms are more obvious. Other symptoms of this condition include dizziness, tired, Including sweating.

Hypercalcemia, high calcium levels in the blood

Hypercalcemia is a condition in which the amount of calcium in the body increases to dangerous levels. Cancer It may be due to tuberculosis. Frequent thirst can be the first sign of hypercalcemia. Too much calcium in the blood can weaken bones and cause kidney stones.

Dry mouth

When the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva, they often feel thirsty. Taking medicine for cancer It can be caused by daily habits such as treatment or eating betel nuts. Other symptoms of dry mouth include bad breath, change in taste, Difficulty chewing is included.

Being pregnant

There are many symptoms of pregnancy and frequent thirst is one of them. Frequent urination during pregnancy causes dehydration. Dehydration in the body makes you thirsty more often.

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