A law student who used to drive a bus every Sunday without getting paid

India 21-year-old Ann Mary Ansarlan from Kochi is a law student studying at Ernakulam Law College. On Sundays, he drives a bus called Hey Day without pay. We drive through the busy Kakkanad-Perumbadappu road. He is Laurie. truck Being a crazy person when it comes to vehicles like buses, I drive the bus without getting paid.

At the age of 15, he first learned how to ride his father’s Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle. Then he learned how to drive. Ann drives the bus every Sunday and on other days another driver drives the bus to the owner’s house. The bus driver stopped the car at a nearby gas station. After class, Ann drove the car to the owner’s house. The owner of the car is also his neighbor.

Ann said this when she started driving the machine.” I still flash back the first day I drove a machine. People were spooked when they saw a woman driving. In the morning, I was new to them. A lot of people were spooked when they saw a woman driving. They allowed it was going to be an accident. But now they’re used to seeing me driving this route on Sundays.”

At first, the other drivers didn’t like a woman driving. They followed Ann’s bus and tried to overtake. They spoke bad things about him. But now drivers, We are already friends with the conductors. After driving, they eat and drink together.

An has full support from his parents. It was his neighbor Sarath N.S. who encouraged him. How to drive a bus. How to manage. Allow me to practice patiently. Now, I have been driving the bus for about 8 months. I am already familiar with the bus routes.

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