A toilet habit that can carry more infectious diseases

In the past, many people went to the toilet with newspapers, I take magazines and go to the toilet while reading them. But lately, smartphones have taken the place of newspapers and magazines. Many people go to the toilet while using their phones. This habit can make the disease more contagious. I don’t think most people realize that they can face some serious health issues. The toilet is one of the places where germs can grow the most. When you take your phone inside, you come into contact with the bacteria in the feces. When you go to the toilet, hold the water sprayer, This can happen because you are holding the phone.

Smartphones carry germs

A study by researchers at the University of Arizona found that a smartphone can carry 10 times as much bacteria as a toilet seat. The problem is that they wash their hands after using the bathroom, but they don’t clean the phone after taking it to the bathroom. As a result, disease-causing germs can become attached to the phone and spread easily. Bacteria and viruses on the phone come into contact with parts of the body.

It can cause anxiety

Although technology has made our lives so easy, anxiety, It is also the reason for stress. The more we use technology, the more stressful it becomes. Time to go to the toilet is free time. When you go to the bathroom to buy a phone, you are not giving your brain a break, inviting stress and possibly a health hazard.

It can cause hemorrhoids

Another health effect of using the phone while going to the toilet is hemorrhoids. People who take their phones to the toilet take longer than normal toilet time. Sitting on the toilet for a long time can cause hemorrhoids.

When you go to the toilet, you should not take your phone with you and leave it outside. If you must take it with you, clean your phone regularly with an alcohol-based disinfectant. Try not to go to the toilet too long. Experts recommend that a person should not take more than 10 minutes to go to the toilet.

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