Symptoms of violent collisions between the toothbrush and the teeth

Some people think that they need to brush too hard to remove plaque from their teeth. You don’t have to brush excessively difficult to dispose of plaque. Tooth decay is so soft that it can be removed with a piece of cloth. The purpose of using a toothbrush is to remove what is between the teeth. You share the symptoms that you are brushing your teeth too hard.

The gums recede backwards

Each tooth is protected by enamel. It is important to avoid causing severe damage to the surface enamel. As the surface enamel is affected, the gums will also recede until the tooth ridges appear. If your teeth are like this, it is a sign that you are brushing your teeth too hard. According to dentists, around 20 percent of people around the world suffer from gum damage due to tooth decay.

The teeth are sensitive

When the toothbrush and enamel are rubbed too hard, the teeth can become sensitive. This is because the teeth are touching their veins because they are no longer able to protect the gums. If you drink ice water, your teeth will be dry. If something hurts when you chew something, you should see a dentist.

The bristles of the toothbrush are falling out

If the bristles of the toothbrush are falling out, it means that you are brushing your teeth the wrong way. It’s because you brush your teeth with a rough toothbrush. This damages the teeth. You should not brush your teeth too hard with a toothbrush, and you should replace your toothbrush with a new one every (3) months.

The teeth near the gums are very dirty

The reason why the teeth under the gums are quite dark is because they are not protected by enamel. If you don’t brush your teeth thoroughly, if you brush your teeth roughly, your teeth will turn yellow and yawn. Polls can become dirty. If the enamel does not protect the teeth, they can be exposed to germs. So you should brush your teeth properly.

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